Bioplastic, the material of the future

For many years, we have been developing and designing tailor-made bioplastics. We use high quality raw matter that can be either bio-sourced and/or biodegradable. By incorporating co-products and natural fibres that are mainly derived from regional and local sources (such as oyster shells, flax or hemp fibres) to this matter, you will be giving an identity as well as added value to your products.

The materials of the future

The environment is at the very heart of our concerns. Proposing alternatives to conventional, oil-sourced plastics that are reliable and environmentally friendly is our priority. Discover our wide range of custom-formulated biomaterials (based on bio-sourced and/or biodegradable polymers) that are aligned with your needs while remaining compliant with diverse regulations.

Thanks to our experience, our research and innovation services, our expertise and our equipment, we can develop new materials for all your applications with the required properties.

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification is evidence of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes in supplying you with quality products.

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Our commitments

The co-products and natural fibres incorporated in our gamut of biomaterials are derived from renewable resources and are devoid of GMOs.

Our biopolymer-based materials are adapted to your needs, according to the required technical properties.

An approach in favour of circular economy that fosters a production mode in collaboration with local economic players.

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Bio-sourced material

Bio-sourced polymers are made up of natural raw materials and are derived from renewable resources. Understanding everything about bio-sourced polymers.

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Biodegradable materials

Biodegradability being a complex notion, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms that explain it in order to gain more insight to identify and define the issues surrounding biodegradable materials.

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Compostable materials

Compostable bioplastics degrade in accelerated fashion in industrial or household composting conditions. Discover the properties and regulations concerning these materials.

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As part of its development Elixance has invested in a new extrusion line with the financial support of the European Union

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