Inspired by nature

Elixbio company

Who are we?

Elixbio is a Groupe Elixance brand. We are specialised in the development and conception of biopolymer-based materials as well as natural fibres and powdered fibres (charges).

We own a laboratory where we conduct tests analyses and where we have pilot lines dedicated to searching for the biomaterials of the future.

An integrated laboratory equipped with high-performance means.

elixbio research and development laboratory

Our R & D Department is constantly innovating with the purpose of developing bio-sourced and biodegradable materials with high added value and low environmental impact. We will be with you every step of the way in your projects, from the functional specifications mandates all the way to the delivery of the tailor-made compound.

Our means:

  • An R&D laboratory (~ 1000 m2)
  • A team of 5 specialists
  • Analysis and characterisation equipment
  • Extrusion lines and injection moulding equipment dedicated to R&D

Innovating PHA projects, the bioplastic of the future.

Elixbio Project Nenu2phar

For the past 12 years, we have been involved in fundamental research through various projects (Biocomba, Phapack, Bluecopha). Since 2020, we have been involved in Nenu2phar, a new European collaborative project centred on PHAs.

Nénu 2phar is a consortium of businesses whose objective is developing an innovative, European value chain for the production of PHAs from micro-algae and bacterial strains.

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are biopolymers derived from a biological fermentation process. They are largely recognised as an alternative to plastics derived from fossil fuel.

Notre histoire

Creation of the “polymer” division of Elixance

Elixance polymers

Elixance Polymers was created in 2015, with the objective of developing and producing technical compounds.

Construction of a new plant with modern, high-performance production means


Elixance built a new plant and created an R&D department with a state-of-the-art laboratory.

Elixance developed its range of biomaterials

Elixance developed its range of biomaterials and reinforced its human and material means.

Elixbio granulés biomatériaux

Moreover, the R&D service was also involved in numerous projects with academic and industrial partners in order to study the possibility of creating a PHA-type polymer (polyhydroxyalkanoate) derived from regional resources.

Elixance expanded its range of biomaterials, became involved in new projects created a new brand

Elixance kept growing its range of bioplastics with a natural fibre and charge base (oyster shells, St-Jacques shells, flax and hemp fibres, etc.), mainly derived from regional Breton sources.

Elixance became involved in a new European project called Nenu2phar. This project’s purpose is to create a new European value chain for the production of a PHA-based bioplastic derived from sustainable resources with a lifecycle management.

Elixance acquired a new identity, launching its Elixbio brand.