Biomaterials based on bio-sourced polymers

Bio-sourced polymers can be an alternative to respond to certain environmental and economic issues. With this context in mind, we have a large offering of biomaterials that possess the physical and chemical properties that are the closest to your expectations.

Bio-sourced plastics are manufactured either in part or in full, from renewable biological resources, most often vegetal in nature.

The incorporation of co-products and natural fibres brings a personalised effect to your products while it reduces the quantity of polymer. We hold a large gamut of natural fibres (flax and hemp fibre, soy hulls, etc.) or co-products (oyster shells, grape seeds, etc.) in order to meet all your requirements.

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elixbio biobased compound
  • Bio PA
  • Bio PE
  • Bio PET
  • Injection
  • Extrusion
  • 3D printing
  • Agri-food

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Adding natural fibres and co-products derived from our territory; added value for the material

Elixbio natural fiber flax


Elixbio biomaterials coffee grounds

Addition of coffee ground
Origin :  Morbihan (56)

Elixbio oyster shell biomaterials

Addition of oyster shells
Origin : Eure et Loire (28)

Elixbio eggshell biomaterials

Addition of eggshells
Origin :  Morbihan (56)

Elixbio grape seed biomaterials

Addition of grape seeds
Origin : Gironde (33)

Natural fibres


Elixbio biomaterials miscanthus fibers

Addition of miscanthus
Origin : Eure et Loire (28)

Addition of reeds
Origin : Charente (16)

Elixbio biomaterials flax fibres

Addition of flax
Origin :  Vendée (85)

Elixbio biomaterials hemp

Addition of hemp
Origin :  Vendée (85)