Biomaterials based on biodegradable polymers

Developing materials that are consistent with current environmental issues is one of our priorities. In this context, we can offer you materials with accelerated decomposition kinetics to meet the biodegradability standards in application.

The incorporation of co-products and natural fibres brings a personalised effect to your products while it reduces the quantity of polymer. We hold a large gamut of natural fibres (flax and hemp fibre, soy hulls, etc.) or co-products (oyster shells, grape seeds, etc.) in order to meet all your requirements.

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elixbio biomateriau biodegradable biosource
  • Bio PA
  • Bio PE
  • Bio PET
  • Injection
  • Extrusion
  • 3D printing
  • Agri-food

*These lists are not exhaustive, contact us for more details

Adding natural fibres and co-products derived from our territory; added value for the material

Elixbio co produces coffee grounds


Elixbio biomaterials coffee grounds

Addition of coffee ground
Origin :  Morbihan (56)

Elixbio oyster shell biomaterials

Addition of oyster shells
Origin : Eure et Loire (28)

Elixbio eggshell biomaterials

Addition of eggshells
Origin :  Morbihan (56)

Elixbio grape seed biomaterials

Addition of grape seeds
Origin : Gironde (33)

Natural fibres


Elixbio biomaterials miscanthus fibers

Addition of miscanthus
Origin : Eure et Loire (28)

Addition of reeds
Origin : Charente (16)

Elixbio biomaterials flax fibres

Addition of flax
Origin :  Vendée (85)

Elixbio biomaterials hemp

Addition of hemp
Origin :  Vendée (85)