Focus on Alexis, work-study student at Elixbio

Stage Alexis

Alexis has been working as an intern at Elixbio since August 31, 2020. He divides his time between his university studies in Lorient and internship days within the company. Thanks to this interview, he explains his career path and his missions. With his tutor David Leporho, they will work on various themes around biopolymers.

Hello Alexis  ?

 -Can you introduce yourself?

I am Alexis VAN ELSLANDER, I am in master 2 “Eco-Conception of Polymers and Composites” in Lorient. I started my work-study in September 2020 after a first internship during my first year of Master.

-What is your academic background?

After having obtained a BAC S option sciences of the engineer in Vannes, I made a DUT Physical Measures option Materials and Physical-chemical Controls in Caen. After my DUT, I did a general license in polymers and composites in Lorient. I then did my Master’s degree in Eco-Conception of Polymers and Composites in Lorient.

-What is the goal of your internship?

The aim of my internship is to develop biomaterials based on biopolymers loaded with co-products in response to customer requests.

-How are your missions going?

My tutor David directs me to projects or studies. Then I do a bibliographical research to see what has already been done and to define the axes of work. I establish formulas based on biopolymers that I implement: twin-screw extrusion and injection of specimens. I then characterize the biomaterial and the specimens. I present my results and my synthesis to David and we analyze them in order to define the next steps.

-What is your professional project?

I would like to get a job as a project manager in R&D in the field of bioplastics (compounding, processing).

–  And if you had to describe Elixbio in 3 words?

Innovative, Ambitious, Dynamic

Thank you Alexis for this presentation and enjoy your internship with the Elixbio team ?